9/2/14 through 1/1/15
6:15a – 9:00a Lap Swim
11:00a – 1:00p Rec/Lap Swim
3:30p – 5:00p Rec Swim
5:00p – 8:15p Lap Swim
3:30p – 5:00p Rec Swim
5:00p – 8:15p Lap Swim
10:30a – 1:00p Lap Swim
1:00p – 5:00p Rec Swim
5:00p – 6:00p Lap Swim
*5:00p – 6:30p Lap (Sunday)
It’s Summer Concert Time!! – 5PM!!

Join us Saturday, September 13th for our 3rd annual End of Summer Concert! Come hear ‘Just For Kicks’ play your favorite rock n roll tunes. The music is Free. Burgers, Hot Dogs and Beverages for sale at 5pm. Bring a jacket, ’cause it’s the Highlands!

Rec District Board Vacancy

The Highlands Recreation District announces a vacancy on the Board of Directors.  The Board is therefore seeking Highlands Residents interested in appointment to the vacant Board seat. The appointed person will serve by appointment until November 2015 and may then stand for election in November 2015 for a 4-year term.  Applicants must be residents of the San Mateo Highlands, U.S. citizens, registered and qualified to vote for this office at the time of the appointment.  To apply, interested candidates must submit a resume and a written candidate’s statement of interest for the vacant Board seat.  The HRD must receive these documents by 5:00pm on October  6, 2014.  If you have any questions regarding the appointment to the vacant Board seat, please call General Manager Brigitte Shearer at 341-4251 or email brigittes@highlandsrec.ca.gov

ASP & In Crowd Emergency Packets

Please make sure you’ve turned in your required Emergency Packet(s) on or before the first day of school.  Links to the documents are here:  ASP Emergency Packet   or   In Crowd Emergency Packet.  Thank you!

September 13 – 5PM

End of Summer Concert!!

September 20 – 9AM

Fire Extinguisher Event

September 23 – 7:30PM

HCA meeting, MPR

October 11

Rummage Sale

October 14 – 7PM

HRD Board Meeting, MPR